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Nutrição mineral de plantas ornamentais I : absorção de nutrientes pela cultura de gladíolos

Gladiulus corms nº 3 (Gladiolus communis var. Itapetininga) were germinated in pots containing 7 kg of quertz. After germination the plants were irrigated several times a day with HOAGLAND & ARNON (1950) complete solution. Fifteen days after germination plant were harvested every ten days and subdivided in: aerial part, mother corms, daughter corm and bulbils. The different parts...

Propagação do gladíolo (Gladiolus grandiflorus) andr. cv. Snow Princess: produção de material de propagação e flores pelos bulbos tipo jumbo e tipo 1

Corms of 2nd cycle, type jumbo with 84 g/unity and type 1 with 35 g/unity were compared. It was verified that: type jumbo had better profit in the production of: weight of corms, number of corms, lenght of stipe, lenght of spike and stipe of better quality. The type number 1 showed better profit for weight of corms planted by weight of corms and cormels harvest.