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Development and assessment of rules to parameterise the ACRU model for design flood estimation

Design flood estimation (DFE) is essential in the planning and design of hydraulic structures. In South Africa, outdated methods are widely applied for DFE. In this paper the potential of a continuous simulation modelling (CSM) approach to DFE in South Africa, using the daily time-step ACRU agrohydrological model, is investigated. The paper focuses on the links and similarities...

Assessing the performance of regional flood frequency analysis methods in South Africa

In engineering and flood hydrology, the estimation of a design flood associates the magnitude of a flood with a level of exceedance, or return period, for a given site. The use of a regional flood frequency analysis (RFFA) approach improves the accuracy and reliability of estimates of design floods. However, no RFFA method is currently widely used in South Africa, despite a...

Development and assessment of a daily time-step continuous simulation modelling approach for design flood estimation at ungauged locations: ACRU model and Thukela Catchment case study

    JC Smithers*; KT Chetty; MS Frezghi; DM Knoesen; MH Tewolde School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus, Private Bag X01

A catchment-scale irrigation systems model for sugarcane part 1: model development

In South Africa, the demand for water exceeds available supplies in many catchments. In order to justify existing water requirements and to budget and plan in the context of growing uncertainty regarding water availability, a model to assist in the assessment and management of catchment water supply and demand interactions, and the associated impacts on the profitability of...