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Potential impact of invasive surgical procedures on primary tumor growth and metastasis

Surgical procedures such as tumor resection and biopsy are still the gold standard for diagnosis and (determination of) treatment of solid tumors, and are prognostically beneficial for patients. However, growing evidence suggests that even a minor surgical trauma can influence several (patho) physiological processes that might promote postoperative metastatic spread and tumor...

Preventing inflammation inhibits biopsy-mediated changes in tumor cell behavior

Science and Technology (FCT, GABBA program-PD/BD/105748/2014). Author information Author notes Marike L. Broekman and Jacco van Rheenen jointly supervised this work. AffiliationsCancer Genomics ... Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Jacco van Rheenen in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions J.v.R., M.B. and M.A. conceived the study. M.A. and J.v.R

Sequential intravital imaging reveals in vivo dynamics of pancreatic tissue transplanted under the kidney capsule in mice

Aims/hypothesisDynamic processes in pancreatic tissue are difficult to study. We aimed to develop an intravital imaging method to longitudinally examine engraftment, vascularisation, expansion and differentiation in mature islets or embryonic pancreases transplanted under the kidney capsule.MethodsIsolated pancreatic islets from adult mice and murine embryonic day (E)12.5...

Intravital FRET Imaging of Tumor Cell Viability and Mitosis during Chemotherapy

Rheenen 0 Kurt I. Anderson, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, United Kingdom 0 1 Division of Cell Biology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute , Amsterdam , The Netherlands , 2 Department of Medical

Intravital imaging of fluorescent markers and FRET probes by DNA tattooing

Background Advances in fluorescence microscopy and mouse transgenesis have made it possible to image molecular events in living animals. However, the generation of transgenic mice is a lengthy process and intravital imaging requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Here, we report a rapid and undemanding intravital imaging method using generally available equipment. Results...