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Back to the actual future

The purpose of the paper is to rethink the role of actuality in the branching model of possibilities. We investigate the idea that the model should be enriched with an additional factor—the so-called Thin Red Line—which is supposed to represent the single possible course of events that gets actualized in time. We believe that this idea was often misconceived which prompted some...

Some Problems with the Russellian Open Future

In a recently published paper, Todd (Mind, 125(499), pp. 775–798, 2016a) advocates a novel treatment of future contingents. On his view, all statements concerning the contingent future are false. He motivates his semantic postulates by considerations in philosophy of time and modality, in particular by the claim that there is no actual future. I present a number of highly...

The Truth About the Future

There is a long-standing disagreement among Branching-Time theorists. Even though they all believe that the branching representation accurately grasps the idea that the future, contrary to the past, is open, they argue whether this representation is compatible with the claim that one among many possible futures is distinguished—the single future that will come to be. This...

Causes and (in)Determinism

Tomasz Placek 0 Jacek Wawer 0 Leszek Wron ski 0 0 T. Placek (&) J. Wawer L. Wronski Krakow, Poland The five papers of the current issue originate from selected talks of a workshop Causes and Tenses ... notions of history whose aim is to dispose with these disadvantages. The paper by Jacek Wawer ties into the ongoing debate concerning the status of the Thin Red Line (TRL) theories, which are, loosely

A future for the thin red line

Alex Malpass 0 Jacek Wawer 0 0 A. Malpass Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol , Bristol, UK The thin red line (TRL) is a theory about the semantics of future-contingents. The central