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Dynamics of thymol dietary supplementation in quail (Coturnix japonica): Linking bioavailability, effects on egg yolk total fatty acids and performance traits

Conceptualization: Maria E. Fernandez, Jackelyn M. Kembro, Maria L. Ballesteros, Jorge M. Caliva, Raul H. Marin, Maria C. Labaque. Data curation: Maria E. Fernandez, Maria L. Ballesteros. Formal analysis: Maria E ... . Fernandez, Maria L. Ballesteros. Funding acquisition: Jackelyn M. Kembro, Raul H. Marin, Maria C. Labaque. Investigation: Maria E. Fernandez, Maria L. Ballesteros, Jorge M. Caliva. Methodology: Maria E

The fractal organization of ultradian rhythms in avian behavior

Living systems exhibit non-randomly organized biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes that follow distinctive patterns. In particular, animal behavior displays both fractal dynamics and periodic rhythms yet the relationship between these two dynamic regimens remain unexplored. Herein we studied locomotor time series of visually isolated Japanese quails sampled every...

High resolution, week-long, locomotion time series from Japanese quail in a home-box environment

Temporal and spatial patterns of locomotion reflect both resting periods and the movement from one place to another to satisfy physiological and behavioural needs. Locomotion is studied in diverse areas of biology such as chronobiology and physiology, as well as in biomathematics. Herein, the locomotion of 24 visually-isolated Japanese quails in their home-box environment was...