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Temporal patterns of anthrax outbreaks among livestock in Lesotho, 2005-2016

. Software: Relebohile Juliet Lepheana, Daniel Nenene Qekwana. Supervision: James Wabwire Oguttu, Daniel Nenene Qekwana. Visualization: Relebohile Juliet Lepheana. Writing ± original draft: Relebohile ... Juliet Lepheana. Writing ± review & editing: James Wabwire Oguttu, Daniel Nenene Qekwana. 11 / 12 1. Beyer W , Turnbull PCB . Anthrax in animals . Mol Aspects Med . 2009 ; 30 : 481 ± 489 . https

Disparities in Beef Tapeworm Identification Rates in the Abattoirs of Gauteng Province, South Africa: A Descriptive Epidemiologic Study

Background Bovine Taenia saginata cysticercus infections (also called bovine cysticercosis or beef measles) is usually diagnosed in cattle only during post-mortem meat inspection. The aim of this study was to investigate the identification rates of these infections in and to identify predictors/determinants of variations in the identification rates in abattoirs in Gauteng...