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Association between periconceptional weight loss and maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese infertile women

Oers, Meike A. Q. Mutsaerts, Henk Groen, Jolande A. Land, Walter K. Kuchenbecker, Ron van Golde, Gerrit J. E. Oosterhuis, Niels E. A. Vogel, Ben W. J. Mol, Annemieke Hoek, Jan M. Burggraaff, Denise A. M ... . Q. Mutsaerts. Supervision: Ben W. J. Mol, Henk Groen, Annemieke Hoek. Writing ± original draft: Anne M. van Oers. Writing ± review & editing: Meike A. Q. Mutsaerts, Jan M. Burggraaff, Walter K. H

Obesity affects spontaneous pregnancy chances in subfertile, ovulatory women

study. Jan Willem van der Steeg and Pieternel Steures promoted it, co-ordinated this cohort study, collected the data and sought ethical approval. Jan M. Burggraaff and Jur G.J.E. Oosterhuis included

The LIFESTYLE study: costs and effects of a structured lifestyle program in overweight and obese subfertile women to reduce the need for fertility treatment and improve reproductive outcome. A randomised controlled trial

Brinkhuis Carolien AM Koks Jan M Burggraaff Adrienne S Blankhart Denise AM Perquin Marie H Gerards Robert JAB Mulder Ed TCM Gondrie Ben WJ Mol Annemieke Hoek Background: In the Netherlands, 30% of subfertile

Induction of labour versus expectant monitoring in women with pregnancy induced hypertension or mild preeclampsia at term: the HYPITAT trial

Dick J Bekedam 15 Paul P van den Berg 11 Jan M Burggraaff 14 Erwin Birnie 9 Kitty WM Bloemenkamp 13 Addi P Drogtrop 18 Arie Franx 17 Christianne JM de Groot 12 Anjoke JM Huisjes 7 Anneke Kwee