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Resolving deep-sea pelagic saccopharyngiform eel mysteries: Identification of Neocyema and Monognathidae leptocephali and establishment of a new fish family "Neocyematidae" based on larvae, adults and mitogenomic gene orders

illustrations. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jan Y. Poulsen, Michael J. Miller, Masaki Miya. Data curation: Jan Y. Poulsen, Michael J. Miller. Formal analysis: Jan Y. Poulsen. Funding acquisition ... : Masaki Miya. Investigation: Jan Y. Poulsen, Michael J. Miller, Tetsuya Sado, Reinhold Hanel, Katsumi Tsukamoto, Masaki Miya. Methodology: Jan Y. Poulsen, Michael J. Miller, Tetsuya Sado. Project

Mitogenomic sequences and evidence from unique gene rearrangements corroborate evolutionary relationships of myctophiformes (Neoteleostei)

BMC Evolutionary Biology Jan Y Poulsen Ingvar Byrkjedal Endre Willassen David Rees Hirohiko Takeshima Takashi P Satoh Gento Shinohara Mutsumi Nishida Masaki Miya Poulsen et al. - Mitogenomic