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Global burden of maternal and congenital syphilis and associated adverse birth outcomes—Estimates for 2016 and progress since 2012

, or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Author Contributions M. Taylor. Newman. Conceptualization: Eline L. Korenromp, Jane Rowley, Lori Newman, Mary Kamb, Melanie Data curation ... : Eline L. Korenromp, Jane Rowley, Monica Alonso, Maeve B. Mello, Naoko Ishikawa, Linh-Vi Le, Morkor Newman-Owiredu, Melanie M. Taylor. Formal analysis: Eline L. Korenromp, Jane Rowley, Monica Alonso

The prevalence and incidence of active syphilis in women in Morocco, 1995-2016: Model-based estimation and implications for STI surveillance

Background Evolving health priorities and resource constraints mean that countries require data on trends in sexually transmitted infections (STI) burden, to inform program planning and resource allocation. We applied the Spectrum STI estimation tool to estimate the prevalence and incidence of active syphilis in adult women in Morocco over 1995 to 2016. The results from the...

Global Estimates of the Prevalence and Incidence of Four Curable Sexually Transmitted Infections in 2012 Based on Systematic Review and Global Reporting

Background Quantifying sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevalence and incidence is important for planning interventions and advocating for resources. The World Health Organization (WHO) periodically estimates global and regional prevalence and incidence of four curable STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis and syphilis. Methods and Findings WHO’s 2012 estimates were...