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Feeding decision-making among first generation Latinas living in non-metropolitan and small metro areas

for this study under award 2011-67001-30101. Author Contributions Data curation: Maria Pineros-Leano. Conceptualization: Maria Pineros-Leano, Karen Tabb, Janet Liechty, Yvette Casta?eda. Formal ... analysis: Maria Pineros-Leano, Janet Liechty, Yvette Casta?eda, Melissa Williams. Funding acquisition: Maria Pineros-Leano. Investigation: Maria Pineros-Leano, Karen Tabb, Yvette Casta?eda, Melissa

Feasibility and validity of a statistical adjustment to reduce self-report bias of height and weight in wave 1 of the Add Health study

Background Bias in adolescent self-reported height and weight is well documented. Given the importance and widespread use of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) data for obesity research, we developed and tested the feasibility and validity of an empirically derived statistical correction for self-report bias in wave 1 (W1) of Add Health, a...