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On a tandem queue with batch service and its applications in wireless sensor networks

We present a tandem network of queues \(0,\dots , s-1.\) Customers arrive at queue 0 according to a Poisson process with rate \(\lambda \). There are s independent batch service processes at exponential rates \(\mu _0, \dots , \mu _{s-1}\). Service process i, \(i=0, \dots , s-1\), at rate \(\mu _i\) is such that all customers of all queues \(0, \dots , i\) simultaneously receive...

Lower Bounds on the Maximum Energy Benefit of Network Coding for Wireless Multiple Unicast

We consider the energy savings that can be obtained by employing network coding instead of plain routing in wireless multiple unicast problems. We establish lower bounds on the benefit of network coding, defined as the maximum of the ratio of the minimum energy required by routing and network coding solutions, where the maximum is over all configurations. It is shown that if...