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Off-line synthesis of evolutionarily stable normative systems

Within the area of multi-agent systems, normative systems are a widely used framework for the coordination of interdependent activities. A crucial problem associated with normative systems is that of synthesising norms that will effectively accomplish a coordination task and that the agents will comply with. Many works in the literature focus on the on-line synthesis of a single...

Safety, efficacy, and dose response of the maturation inhibitor GSK3532795 (formerly known as BMS-955176) plus tenofovir/emtricitabine once daily in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected adults: Week 24 primary analysis from a randomized Phase IIb trial

. Professional medical writing and editorial assistance was provided by Sharmin Bovill at MediTech Media, funded by ViiV Healthcare. Author Contributions Investigation: Javier Morales-Ramirez, Johannes R. Bogner ... , Jean-Michel Molina, Johan Lombaard. Project administration: Samit R. Joshi. Resources: Javier Morales-Ramirez, Johannes R. Bogner, Jean-Michel Molina, Johan Lombaard. 14 / 15 polymorphisms in Gag

Mapping Urban Accessibility in Data Scarce Contexts Using Space Syntax and Location-Based Methods

Data scarcity is still a common barrier to adequately understanding urban access in Global South countries. Widely used location-based methods address the traditional definition of accessibility as the easiness to reach land-uses by means of available mobility modes. Space Syntax instead analyses accessibility as network centrality focusing only on the topological and geometric...

Minimizing Hypoglycemia and Weight Gain with Intensive Glucose Control: Potential Benefits of a New Combination Therapy (IDegLira)

authors also reviewed the manuscript outline and all drafts of the paper, suggested additional content and provided comments on the structure and content. Javier Morales provided the case study details for ... inclusion in the paper. Conflict of interest. Dr. Javier Morales has received honoraria for participation in advisory meetings for Novo Nordisk, Sanofi Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. He is

Morin Flavonoid Adsorbed on Mesoporous Silica, a Novel Antioxidant Nanomaterial

Olea-Azar 2 Javier Morales 1 2 0 Departamento de QuÂõmica OrgaÂnica y FisicoquÂõmica, Facultad de Ciencias QuÂõmicas y FarmaceÂuticas, Universidad de Chile , Sergio Livingstone, 1007

Structuration in the Interface of Direct and Reversed Micelles of Sucrose Esters, Studied by Fluorescent Techniques

Background Reactors found in nature can be described as micro-heterogeneous systems, where media involved in each micro-environment can behave in a markedly different way compared with the properties of the bulk solution. The presence of water molecules in micro-organized assemblies is of paramount importance for many chemical processes, ranging from biology to environmental...

Flavonoids in Microheterogeneous Media, Relationship between Their Relative Location and Their Reactivity towards Singlet Oxygen

In this work, the relationship between the molecular structure of three flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin and morin), their relative location in microheterogeneous media (liposomes and erythrocyte membranes) and their reactivity against singlet oxygen was studied. The changes observed in membrane fluidity induced by the presence of these flavonoids and the influence of their...

Singlet Oxygen Reactions with Flavonoids. A Theoretical – Experimental Study

Detection of singlet oxygen emission, λmax = 1270 nm, following laser excitation and steady-state methods were employed to measure the total reaction rate constant, kT, and the reactive reaction rate constant, kr, for the reaction between singlet oxygen and several flavonoids. Values of kT determined in deuterated water, ranging from 2.4×107 M−1s−1 to 13.4×107 M−1s−1, for rutin...

Direct application of Padé approximant for solving nonlinear differential equations

Manuel Jimenez-Fernandez 0 3 Jose Luis Garcia-Gervacio 6 Jesus Huerta-Chua 5 Luis Javier Morales-Mendoza 4 Mario Gonzalez-Lee 4 0 Electronic Instrumentation and Atmospheric Sciences School, Universidad

Prospective Cohort Study with Active Surveillance for Fever in Four Dengue Endemic Countries in Latin America

Federal do Cear a´ Instituto de Biomedicina, Rua Coronel Nunes de Melo 1315, Unidade de Pesquisas Clı´nicas – IBIMED, Rodolfo Te o´filo, Fortaleza, Ceara´, Brazil, E-mail: . Javier Morales, Clinical

A skeleton design theory for spatial data infrastructure

Rolf A. de By Rob Lemmens Javier Morales In this paper, we look into the theory of designing geoservice systems, i.e., SDI networks and their constituent SDI nodes. As the field of SDI is strongly

Análisis de la cadena de valor del sector ovino en Salinas, San Luis Potosí, México

Inoscencia Trejo-Téllez1, Ignacio de los Ríos-Carmenado2, Benjamín Figueroa-Sandoval1, Francisco Javier Morales-Flores1   1 Campus San Luis Potosí. Colegio de Postgraduados. Iturbide 73. 78600. Salinas de