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Pneumokokkenvaccinatie bij patiënten met COPD

COPD-patiënten in de Nederlandse huisartsenpraktijk met een matige of ernstige ziektelast zouden pneumokokkenvaccinatie aangeboden moeten krijgen. Uit een Cochrane-review blijkt dat deze vaccinatie bij COPD-patiënten exacerbaties en pneumonieën kan voorkomen.

Developing skilled doctor–patient communication in the workplace: a qualitative study of the experiences of trainees and clinical supervisors

To inform the development of recommendations to facilitate learning of skilled doctor–patient communication in the workplace, this qualitative study explores experiences of trainees and supervisors regarding how trainees learn communication and how supervisors support trainees’ learning in the workplace. We conducted a qualitative study in a general practice training setting...

Is there an added value of faecal calprotectin and haemoglobin in the diagnostic work-up for primary care patients suspected of significant colorectal disease? A cross-sectional diagnostic study

Background The majority of primary care patients referred for bowel endoscopy do not have significant colorectal disease (SCD), and are – in hindsight – unnecessarily exposed to a small but realistic risk of severe endoscopy-associated complications. We developed a diagnostic strategy to better exclude SCD in these patients and evaluated the value of adding a faecal calprotectin...

Effectiveness of Teamwork in an Integrated Care Setting for Patients with COPD: Development and Testing of a Self-Evaluation Instrument for Interprofessional Teams

Introduction: Teamwork between healthcare providers is conditional for the delivery of integrated care. This study aimed to assess the usefulness of the conceptual framework Integrated Team Effectiveness Model for developing and testing of the Integrated Team Effectiveness Instrument.Theory and methods: Focus groups with healthcare providers in an integrated care setting for...

Prediction of Asthma Exacerbations in Children by Innovative Exhaled Inflammatory Markers: Results of a Longitudinal Study

Background In asthma management guidelines the primary goal of treatment is asthma control. To date, asthma control, guided by symptoms and lung function, is not optimal in many children and adults. Direct monitoring of airway inflammation in exhaled breath may improve asthma control and reduce the number of exacerbations. Aim 1) To study the use of fractional exhaled nitric...

‘No need to worry’: an exploration of general practitioners’ reassuring strategies

Background In view of the paucity of evidence regarding effective ways of reassuring worried patients, this study explored reassuring strategies that are considered useful by general practitioners (GPs). Methods In a study using a qualitative observational design, we re-analysed an existing dataset of fifteen stimulated recall interviews in which GPs elaborated on their...

How does asthma influence the daily life of children? Results of focus group interviews

0 Jean Muris 4 Gordon Slabbers 3 Tjard Schermer 0 0 Department of Primary and Community Care. Centre for Family Medicine, Geriatric Care and Public Health, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre ... Linssen, Jean Muris, and Gordon Slabbers have no conflicts of interest to disclose; Tjard Schermer received grant money for research in the field of respiratory medicine from non-commercial organizations