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A Mahler's Theorem for Word Functions

Let p be a prime number and let G_p be the variety of all languages recognised by a finite p-group. We give a construction process of all G_p-preserving functions from a free monoid to a free group. Our result follows from a new noncommutative generalization of Mahler's theorem on interpolation series, a celebrated result of p-adic analysis.

Varieties of Cost Functions

Regular cost functions were introduced as a quantitative generalisation of regular languages, retaining many of their equivalent characterisations and decidability properties. For instance, stabilisation monoids play the same role for cost functions as monoids do for regular languages. The purpose of this article is to further extend this algebraic approach by generalising two...

Profinite Methods in Automata Theory

This survey paper presents the success story of the topological approach to automata theory. It is based on profinite topologies, which are built from finite topogical spaces. The survey includes several concrete applications to automata theory.

A Mahler's theorem for functions from words to integers

closed under Boolean operations, left and right quotients and inverse morphisms. - JEAN-ERIC PIN 1 AND PEDRO V. SILVA 2 1. Motivations 1998 ACM Subject Classi cation: F.4.3, F.1.1. Key words and