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Utility of combining spectral domain optical coherence tomography structural parameters for the diagnosis of early Glaucoma: a mini-review

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has moved to the forefront of imaging modalities in the management of glaucoma and retinal diseases. It is modifying how glaucoma and glaucoma progression are diagnosed clinically and augmenting our understanding of the disease. OCT provides multiple parameters from various anatomic areas for glaucoma diagnosis, evaluation of treatment efficacy...

Serum 8,12-iso-iPF2α-VI Isoprostane Marker of Oxidative Damage and Cognition Deficits in Children with Konzo

We sought to determine whether motor and cognitive deficits associated with cassava (food) cyanogenic poisoning were associated with high concentrations of F2-isoprostanes, well-established indicators of oxidative damage. Concentrations of serum F2-isoprostanes were quantified by LC-MS/MS and anchored to measures of motor proficiency and cognitive performance, which were...