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Cyanobacterial and algal abundance and biomass in cave biofilms and relation to environmental and biofilm parameters

Due to life in extreme environments, cyanobacteria and algae from cave biofilms that form at the entrances or deep inside the cave around artificial lights are of increasing interest to many scientists. It is well-known that many phototrophic microorganisms are first to colonize exposed substrata and produce the organic matter on which other biofilm constituents relly. Many...

Last hunters–first farmers: new insight into subsistence strategies in the Central Balkans through multi-isotopic analysis

related to the traditions of prehistoric communities and to specific economic innovations. KeywordsCentral Balkans Mesolithic–Neolithic transition Stable isotope analyses Diet  Jelena Jovanović and

The effect of meteorological and chemical parameters on summer phytoplankton assemblages in an urban recreational lake

The summer phytoplankton community was studied across both vertical and temporal scales in relation to environmental factors in the shallow recreational Sava Lake. The sampling was conducted weekly at four depths from mid-July until mid-September 2014, in order to detect short-term changes within the assemblages. Besides physical and chemical parameters, meteorological data was...

Hydrogel Synthesis Directed Toward Tissue Engineering: Impact of Reaction Condition on Structural Parameters and Macroscopic Properties of Xerogels

Borivoj Adnadjević and Jelena Jovanović. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any