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Using community-based reporting of vital events to monitor child mortality: Lessons from rural Ghana

Marsh Adrienne Clermont Robert E. Black Jennifer Bryce Agbessi Amouzou Kebede Deribe, University of Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM 0 Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins ... , Robert E. Black, Jennifer Bryce, Agbessi Amouzou. Data curation: Benjamin Abuaku, Emily Wilson. 15 / 18 Formal analysis: Stephane Helleringer, Benjamin Abuaku, Andrew Marsh, Agbessi Amouzou. Funding

On Bathwater, Babies, and Designing Programs for Impact: Evaluations of the Integrated Community Case Management Strategy in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Malawi

: Elizabeth Hazel and Jennifer Bryce, Institute for International Programs, Johns Hopkins University (IIP-JHU) , Baltimore, MD 2 Members of the IIP-JHU iCCM Evaluation Working Group (alpha- betical order ... ): Agbessi Amouzou , Robert Black, Jennifer Bryce, Elizabeth Hazel, Rebecca Heidkamp, Kenneth Hill, Olga Joos, Lois Park, Jamie Perin, Andrew Marsh, Nathan Miller, Larry Moulton, Melinda Munos, Yvonne Tam

Harmful practices in the management of childhood diarrhea in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Background Harmful practices in the management of childhood diarrhea are associated with negative health outcomes, and conflict with WHO treatment guidelines. These practices include restriction of fluids, breast milk and/or food intake during diarrhea episodes, and incorrect use of modern medicines. We conducted a systematic review of English-language literature published since...

Access to integrated community case management of childhood illnesses services in rural Ethiopia: a qualitative study of the perspectives and experiences of caregivers

Background: In 2010, Ethiopia began scaling up the integrated community case management (iCCM) of childhood illness strategy throughout the country allowing health extension workers (HEWs) to treat children in rural health posts. After 2 years of iCCM scale up, utilization of HEWs remains low. Little is known about factors related to the use of health services in this setting...

Measuring Implementation Strength for Integrated Community Case Management in Malawi: Results from a National Cell Phone Census

Rapid Scale-Up in Malawi. Authors’ addresses: Rebecca Heidkamp, Elizabeth Hazel, and Jennifer Bryce, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD, E-mails: , , and jbrycedanby@

Fluid curtailment during childhood diarrhea: a countdown analysis

Background The foundation of recommended diarrhea management in young children is increased fluids and continued feeding. This increase in fluids is necessary to replace those lost during diarrhea and ultimately prevent dehydration. There may be an opportunity to prevent deaths in children under five by discouraging the practice of reducing or curtailing fluids during diarrhea...

Independent Evaluation of the Rapid Scale-Up Program to Reduce Under-Five Mortality in Burkina Faso

Munos, Timothy Roberton, Yvonne Tam, and Jennifer Bryce, Institute for International Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , Baltimore, MD We conducted a prospective evaluation of the

Diarrhea management in children under five in sub-Saharan Africa: does the source of care matter? A Countdown analysis

Background Diarrhea remains a high burden disease, responsible for nine percent of deaths in children under five globally. We analyzed diarrhea management practices in young children and their association with the source of care. Methods We used Demographic and Health Survey data from 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa with high burdens of childhood diarrhea. We classified the...

Using Health Extension Workers for Monitoring Child Mortality in Real-Time: Validation against Household Survey Data in Rural Ethiopia

Background Ethiopia has scaled up its community-based programs over the past decade by training and deploying health extension workers (HEWs) in rural communities throughout the country. Consequently, child mortality has declined substantially, placing Ethiopia among the few countries that have achieved the United Nations’ fourth Millennium Development Goal. As Ethiopia continues...

Evaluation of a mHealth Data Quality Intervention to Improve Documentation of Pregnancy Outcomes by Health Surveillance Assistants in Malawi: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Public Health , Baltimore, Maryland , United States of America 1 Editor: Rebecca Krukowski, University of Tennessee Health Science Center , UNITED STATES - Funding: Jennifer Bryce, the PI, received

Strengthening Community-Based Vital Events Reporting for Real-Time Monitoring of Under-Five Mortality: Lessons Learned from the Balaka and Salima Districts in Malawi

Background Malawi ratified a compulsory birth and death registration system in 2009. Until it captures complete coverage of vital events, Malawi relies on other data sources to calculate mortality estimates. We tested a community-based method to estimate annual under-five mortality rates (U5MR) through the Real-Time Monitoring of Under-Five Mortality (RMM) project in Malawi. We...

Can Community Health Workers Report Accurately on Births and Deaths? Results of Field Assessments in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mali

Introduction Most low-income countries lack complete and accurate vital registration systems. As a result, measures of under-five mortality rates rely mostly on household surveys. In collaboration with partners in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, and Mali, we assessed the completeness and accuracy of reporting of births and deaths by community-based health workers, and the accuracy of...

Determinants of Utilization of Health Extension Workers in the Context of Scale-Up of Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses in Ethiopia

, Nathan P. Miller, Jennifer Bryce, and Pamela J. Surkan , Department of International Health, Institute for International Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , Baltimore, MD Ethiopia

Assessing the Quality of Sick Child Care Provided by Community Health Workers

Background As community case management of childhood illness expands in low-income countries, there is a need to assess the quality of care provided by community health workers. This study had the following objectives: 1) examine methods of recruitment of sick children for assessment of quality of care, 2) assess the validity of register review (RR) and direct observation only...

Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5: progress and challenges

The Millennium Development Goals have galvanized efforts to improve child survival (MDG-4) and maternal health (MDG-5). There has been important progress on both MDGs at global level, although it now appears that few countries will reach them by the target date of 2015. There are known and efficacious interventions to address most of the major causes of these deaths, but...

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Challenges and Opportunities in the Selection of Coverage Indicators for Global Monitoring

In a PLOS Medicine Review, Jennifer Requejo, Holly Newby and Jennifer Bryce discuss the five-step process that underlies the generation of data for global monitoring of intervention coverage for

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Evaluation of Community-Based Treatment of Childhood Illnesses through Household Surveys

acknowledge the Core Group on Coverage Measurement, Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG) for continuously striving to improve child health coverage measures. Members include Jennifer Bryce, Fred

Real-Time Assessments of the Strength of Program Implementation for Community Case Management of Childhood Illness: Validation of a Mobile Phone-Based Method in Malawi

, Malawi; Universidade Federal de Pelotas , Pelotas , Brazil 2 Authors' addresses: Elizabeth Hazel , Lois Park , and Jennifer Bryce, Institute for International Programs at Johns Hopkins University, Johns

Independent Evaluation of the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness Strategy in Malawi Using a National Evaluation Platform Design

KENNETH HILL JAMIE PERIN CESAR G. VICTORA JENNIFER BRYCE LETTER TO THE EDITOR This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

Monitoring Child Mortality through Community Health Worker Reporting of Births and Deaths in Malawi: Validation against a Household Mortality Survey

Background The rate of decline in child mortality is too slow in most African countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of reducing under-five mortality by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015. Effective strategies to monitor child mortality are needed where accurate vital registration data are lacking to help governments assess and report on progress in child survival. We...