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Cross-sectional survey of off-label and unlicensed prescribing for inpatients at a paediatric teaching hospital in Western Australia

: Caitlin Landwehr, Jennifer Richardson, Lewis Bint. Formal analysis: Caitlin Landwehr, Jennifer Richardson, Richard Parsons. Investigation: Caitlin Landwehr, Jennifer Richardson, Lewis Bint. Methodology ... : Caitlin Landwehr, Jennifer Richardson, Richard Parsons, Bruce Sunderland, Petra Czarniak. Project administration: Bruce Sunderland, Petra Czarniak. Supervision: Lewis Bint, Richard Parsons, Bruce

Cognitive tutoring induces widespread neuroplasticity and remediates brain function in children with mathematical learning disabilities

to MRL; and HD053714 to LF). We thank Drs Daniel Abrams, Christian Battista, and Tanya Evans for useful feedback. Author information Author notesMiriam Rosenberg-Lee & Jennifer Richardson These ... • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Miriam Rosenberg-Lee in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Jennifer Richardson in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for

Plasticity of left perisylvian white-matter tracts is associated with individual differences in math learning

Plasticity of white matter tracts is thought to be essential for cognitive development and academic skill acquisition in children. However, a dearth of high-quality diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data measuring longitudinal changes with learning, as well as methodological difficulties in multi-time point tract identification have limited our ability to investigate plasticity of...

Borna Disease Virus Phosphoprotein Impairs the Developmental Program Controlling Neurogenesis and Reduces Human GABAergic Neurogenesis

It is well established that persistent viral infection may impair cellular function of specialized cells without overt damage. This concept, when applied to neurotropic viruses, may help to understand certain neurologic and neuropsychiatric diseases. Borna disease virus (BDV) is an excellent example of a persistent virus that targets the brain, impairs neural functions without...

Comparison of the Neuropathology Induced by Two West Nile Virus Strains

Some strains of West Nile virus (WNV) are neuroinvasive and may induce fatal encephalitis/meningitis in a variety of animal species including humans. Whether, however, there is a strain-specific signature in the brain is as yet unknown. Here we investigated the neuropathogenesis induced by two phylogenetically distant WNV strains of lineage 1, WNVIS98 and WNVKUN35 911. While four...

IS-98-ST1 West Nile Virus Derived from an Infectious cDNA Clone Retains Neuroinvasiveness and Neurovirulence Properties of the Original Virus

Infectious clones of West Nile virus (WNV) have previously been generated and used to decipher the role of viral proteins in WNV virulence. The majority of molecular clones obtained to date have been derived from North American, Australian, or African isolates. Here, we describe the construction of an infectious cDNA clone of a Mediterranean WNV strain, IS-98-ST1. We...

Expression of VP7, a Bluetongue Virus Group Specific Antigen by Viral Vectors: Analysis of the Induced Immune Responses and Evaluation of Protective Potential in Sheep

Bluetongue virus (BTV) is an economically important Orbivirus transmitted by biting midges to domestic and wild ruminants. The need for new vaccines has been highlighted by the occurrence of repeated outbreaks caused by different BTV serotypes since 1998. The major group-reactive antigen of BTV, VP7, is conserved in the 26 serotypes described so far, and its role in the induction...

Glucocorticoid receptor is required for foetal heart maturation

Glucocorticoids are vital for the structural and functional maturation of foetal organs, yet excessive foetal exposure is detrimental to adult cardiovascular health. To elucidate the role of glucocorticoid signalling in late-gestation cardiovascular maturation, we have generated mice with conditional disruption of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) in cardiomyocytes and vascular smooth...

Epidemiology, molecular virology and diagnostics of Schmallenberg virus, an emerging orthobunyavirus in Europe

Belbis Jennifer Richardson 0 Emmanuel Brard 0 Cyril Viarouge 0 Morgane Dominguez Pascal Hendrikx Didier Calavas Alexandra Desprat 0 Jrme Languille Loc Comtet Philippe Pourquier Jean-Franois Elout Bernard

The genetic heterogeneity and mutational burden of engineered melanomas in zebrafish models

Zebrafish tumor and normal tissue samples were obtained from Amy Capper and Jennifer Richardson (Elizabeth Table 2 Metrics for simulating normal contamination in tumor and normal genome FASTA files Pattons