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Assessment of spatial tumor heterogeneity using CT growth patterns estimated by tumor tracking on 3D CT volumetry of multiple pulmonary metastatic nodules

, Miyoung Heo, In Gyu Hwang. Formal analysis: Changwon Lim, Miyoung Heo. Investigation: Jeongin Yoo, In Gyu Hwang. Methodology: Jeongin Yoo. Resources: In Gyu Hwang. Supervision: Semin Chong. Validation ... : Changwon Lim, Miyoung Heo. Writing ? original draft: Jeongin Yoo, Semin Chong. Writing ? review & editing: Semin Chong, Changwon Lim, In Gyu Hwang. 11 / 12 1. Eisenhauer E , Therasse P , Bogaerts J