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Zoeppritz-based AVO inversion using an improved Markov chain Monte Carlo method

The conventional Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method is limited to the selected shape and size of proposal distribution and is not easy to start when the initial proposal distribution is far away from the target distribution. To overcome these drawbacks of the conventional MCMC method, two useful improvements in MCMC method, adaptive Metropolis (AM) algorithm and delayed...

Digging for biosynthetic dark matter

An analysis of bacterial communities in soil samples from around the world reveals unexplored diversity in biosynthetic enzymes.

Light chain multiple myeloma, clinic features, responses to therapy and survival in a long-term study

Background We intended to investigate the long-term clinical characteristics, responses to therapy and survival in patients with lightchain multiple myeloma (MM). Methods Ninety-six patients were enrolled into the study. There were 42 κ-chain MM patients and 54 λ-chain MM patients. All the patients werestage III in the Durie-Salmonstaging system. Among them, 66 patients received...