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High-quality-draft genome sequence of the multiple heavy metal resistant bacterium Pseudaminobacter manganicus JH-7T

. KeywordsCadmium Exopolysaccharides Heavy metal resistance and adsorption Manganese,Pseudaminobacter  Abbreviations EPS Exopolysaccharides MIC Minimal inhibition concentration Xian Xia and Jiahong Li

Multi-scale research of time and space differences about ecological footprint and ecological carrying capacity of the water resources

A multi-scale assessment framework for assessing and comparing the water resource sustainability based on the ecological footprint (EF) is introduced. The study aims to manage the water resource from different views in Heilongjiang Province. First of all, from the scale of each city, the water ecological carrying capacity (ECC) was calculated from 2000 to 2011, and map the...

Draft genomic sequence of a chromate- and sulfate-reducing Alishewanella strain with the ability to bioremediate Cr and Cd contamination

Alishewanella sp. WH16-1 (= CCTCC M201507) is a facultative anaerobic, motile, Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium isolated from soil of a copper and iron mine. This strain efficiently reduces chromate (Cr6+) to the much less toxic Cr3+. In addition, it reduces sulfate (SO4 2−) to S2−. The S2− could react with Cd2+ to generate precipitated CdS. Thus, strain WH16-1 shows a great...

Bacteria slingshot more on soft surfaces

Adaptive responses greatly improve the competitive capacities of bacteria in diverse environments. Here, we investigate whether bacteria can adapt to a microenvironment with distinctive softness by examining the type-IV pili (TFP)-mediated motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cells on brush-like surfaces that are grafted with a layer of thermally sensitive polymer chains, where the...

Production system and competitive power of Chinese enterprises

Taking TCL’s color TV production system as an example, this paper discusses the formation process and causes of the production system of China’s manufacturing industry. The work flow and operation mode of the fast production line in TCL color TV manufacturing base (Huizhou) are studied in detail. The results show that the forming of TCL color TV production system’s competitive...