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Identification of appropriate reference genes for RT-qPCR analysis in Juglans regia L.

Zhou, Jianxin Niu, Shaowen Quan. Data curation: Li Zhou, Jianxin Niu, Shaowen Quan. 9 / 11 Formal analysis: Li Zhou. Funding acquisition: Jianxin Niu. Methodology: Li Zhou, Shaowen Quan. Project ... administration: Jianxin Niu. Resources: Jianxin Niu. Software: Li Zhou. Supervision: Jianxin Niu. Validation: Jianxin Niu. Writing ? original draft: Li Zhou, Jianxin Niu, Shaowen Quan. Writing ? review

Identification and expression analysis of genes related to calyx persistence in Korla fragrant pear

Background The objective of this study was to increase understanding about genetic mechanisms affecting calyx persistence in Korla fragrant pear (Pyrus brestschneideri Rehd). Flowers were collected at early bloom, full bloom, and late bloom. The RNA was extracted from the flowers and then combined according to calyx type. Transcriptome and digital gene expression (DGE) profiles...

Apricot is a new host ofApple scar skin viroid

Ying Zhao A Jianxin Niu A B Apple scar skin viroid (ASSVd), a pathogenic RNA viroid, infects apple and pear trees. To determine if ASSVd can also infect apricot, we performed reverse transcription