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A novel quality by design approach for developing an HPLC method to analyze herbal extracts: A case study of sugar content analysis

. Methodology: Xingchu Gong. Resources: Haibin Qu, Jianyang Pan, Xingchu Gong. Software: Jingyuan Shao. Supervision: Haibin Qu, Jianyang Pan. Writing ± original draft: Jingyuan Shao. Writing ± review

Degradation Kinetics and Mechanism of Lithospermic Acid under Low Oxygen Condition Using Quantitative 1H NMR with HPLC-MS

A novel quantitative 1H NMR (Q-NMR) combined with HPLC-MS method has been proposed for investigating the degradation process of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) components. Through this method, in-situ monitoring of dynamics degradation process of lithospermic acid (LA), one of the popular polyphenolic acids in TCM, was realized under low oxygen condition. Additionally, this...

Optimization of the Ethanol Recycling Reflux Extraction Process for Saponins Using a Design Space Approach

A solvent recycling reflux extraction process for Panax notoginseng was optimized using a design space approach to improve the batch-to-batch consistency of the extract. Saponin yields, total saponin purity, and pigment yield were defined as the process critical quality attributes (CQAs). Ethanol content, extraction time, and the ratio of the recycling ethanol flow rate and...

Everest: Towards a Verified, Drop-in Replacement of HTTPS

?dric Fournet, Markulf Kohlweiss, Jianyang Pan, Jonathan Protzenko, Aseem Rastogi, Nikhil Swamy, Santiago ZanellaB?guelin, and Jean Karim Zinzindohou?. Implementing and proving the tls 1.3 record layer