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A three-microRNA signature as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in clear cell renal cancer: An In Silico analysis

: Bin Liang. Data curation: Bin Liang, Jianying Zhao, Xuan Wang. Formal analysis: Bin Liang, Jianying Zhao. Funding acquisition: Bin Liang. Investigation: Bin Liang, Jianying Zhao, Xuan Wang ... . Methodology: Bin Liang, Xuan Wang. Project administration: Bin Liang. Resources: Bin Liang. Software: Bin Liang. Supervision: Bin Liang. Validation: Bin Liang. Visualization: Jianying Zhao, Xuan Wang

Experimental Study of Dowel Bar Alternatives Based on Similarity Model Test

In this study, a small-scaled accelerated loading test based on similarity theory and Accelerated Pavement Analyzer was developed to evaluate dowel bars with different materials and cross-sections. Jointed concrete specimen consisting of one dowel was designed as scaled model for the test, and each specimen was subjected to 864 thousand loading cycles. Deflections between jointed...