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The effect of different treatments of lymph after intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in rats on macrophages in vitro

with animal care. We also express our thanks to Xu Yun-fei, MMC. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Rui Zhang, Wei Chen. Data curation: Rui Zhang, Jie Wang. Formal analysis: Rui Zhang, Wei Chen ... . Investigation: Rui Zhang, Jie Wang. Project administration: Wei Chen. Funding acquisition: Rui Zhang, Guizhen He, Yukang Wang, Wei Chen. 9 / 11 Resources: Jie Wang. Software: Yukang Wang. Supervision: Rui

Association between previous schistosome infection and incident hyperuricemia: A prospective cohort study in China

administration: Chen Dong. Resources: Hui Zhou, Chen Dong. 8 / 10 Software: Guangli Wang, Yang Jing. Supervision: Jie Wang, Haiyong Hua, Chen Dong. Validation: Jie Wang, Chen Dong. Visualization: Chen Dong

The prognostic value of prognostic nutritional index in hepatocellular carcinoma patients: A meta-analysis of observational studies

: Jie Wang. Writing ? original draft: Zhiling Wang. Writing ? review & editing: Peijun Wang. 6 / 7 35. 1. El-Serag HB , Rudolph KL . Hepatocellular carcinoma: epidemiology and molecular carcinogenesis

Golgin-160 and GMAP210 play an important role in U251 cells migration and invasion initiated by GDNF

analysis: Lin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Dan Wang, Lin-Yan Huang, Dian-Shuai Gao. Investigation: Lan Luan, Yue Wang. Methodology: Lan Luan, Yue Wang. 16 / 18 Project administration: Chuan-Xi Tang, Jie ... Wang. Software: Xin-Feng Liu. Supervision: Dian-Shuai Gao. Validation: Ye Xiong. Visualization: Xin-Feng Liu. Writing ? original draft: Chuan-Xi Tang. Writing ? review & editing: Lin-Yan Huang. 17

Expression of E-prostanoid receptors in nasal polyp tissues of smoking and nonsmoking patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

-Yan Peng, Su-Jie Wang, Yin-Ping Zhang. Project administration: Li Xie, Ai-Guo Liu, Xian-Song Wang. Resources: Ai-Guo Liu. Software: Li Xie, Li-Yan Peng. Supervision: Ai-Guo Liu, Li-Yan Peng

RNA-sequencing analysis of fungi-induced transcripts from the bamboo wireworm Melanotus cribricollis (Coleoptera: Elateridae) larvae

Technologies Company. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jin-ping Shu, Hong Wu. Investigation: Ya-bo Zhang. Methodology: Bi-huan Ye, Ya-bo Zhang, Hao-jie Wang. Writing ± original draft: Bi-huan Ye, Ya

Methodological comparison of alpine meadow evapotranspiration on the Tibetan Plateau, China

. Methodology: Yaping Chang, Jie Wang, Yongjian Ding, Fengjing Liu, Shiqiang Zhang. Project administration: Dahe Qin, Shiqiang Zhang. Resources: Dahe Qin. Supervision: Shiqiang Zhang. Validation: Yaping Chang ... , Jie Wang. Liu, Shiqiang Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Yaping Chang, Yongjian Ding, Shiqiang Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Jie Wang, Dahe Qin, Yongjian Ding, Qiudong Zhao, Fengjing 17 / 20 18

A novel indel variant in LDLR responsible for familial hypercholesterolemia in a Chinese family

Deng. Project administration: Jingwei Chi, Yangang Wang. Resources: Jing Li, Yujie Deng. Software: Jie Wang. Validation: Jing Li. Writing ? original draft: Hongyan Shu. Writing ? review & editing

Genetic Variation of 25 Y-Chromosomal and 15 Autosomal STR Loci in the Han Chinese Population of Liaoning Province, Northeast China

In the present study, we investigated the genetic characteristics of 25 Y-chromosomal and 15 autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci in 305 unrelated Han Chinese male individuals from Liaoning Province using AmpFISTR® Yfiler® Plus and IdentifilerTM PCR amplification kits. Population comparison was performed between Liaoning Han population and different ethnic groups to better...

Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals significant metabolic alterations in eri-silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini) haemolymph in response to 1-deoxynojirimycin

. Formal analysis: Shang-Zhi Zhang, Hai-Zhong Yu, Ming-Jie Deng, Yan Ma. Funding acquisition: Yan Meng, Jia-Ping Xu. Investigation: Shang-Zhi Zhang, Hai-Zhong Yu, Yan Ma, Dong-Qiong Fei, Jie Wang, Zhen Li ... . Methodology: Jia-Ping Xu. Project administration: Jia-Ping Xu. Resources: Ming-Jie Deng, Yan Meng. Software: Ming-Jie Deng, Dong-Qiong Fei, Jie Wang. Supervision: Jia-Ping Xu. Validation: Jia-Ping Xu

Turns with multiple and single head cast mediate Drosophila larval light avoidance

. Funding acquisition: Nenggan Zheng, Zhefeng Gong. Investigation: Weiqiao Zhao, Caixia Gong, Jie Wang, Peipei Zhou. Methodology: Weiqiao Zhao, Nenggan Zheng, Zhefeng Gong. Project administration: Nenggan ... Zhao, Caixia Gong, Jie Wang, Peipei Zhou. Visualization: Nenggan Zheng, Zhefeng Gong. Writing ± original draft: Nenggan Zheng, Zhefeng Gong. Writing ± review & editing: Nenggan Zheng, Zhefeng Gong. 11

Associations between fatty liver index and asymptomatic intracranial vertebrobasilar stenosis in Chinese population

Huai'an Third hospital and Huai'an Fourth hospital for Author Contributions Data curation: Jing Qiu, Zhiwei Zhou, Jie Wang, Yiying Wang. Formal analysis: Jing Qiu, Zhiwei Zhou. Funding acquisition: Chen ... Dong. Investigation: Jing Qiu, Zhiwei Zhou, Jie Wang, Yiying Wang, Chunxing Liu, Xingxiang Liu, Yunfang Xu, Lugang Yu, Hui Zhou, Jie Lin. Methodology: Zhirong Guo, Chen Dong. Project administration

Sequencing of complete mitochondrial genomes confirms synonymization of Hyalomma asiaticum asiaticum and kozlovi, and advances phylogenetic hypotheses for the Ixodidae

Chen, Chuang-Fu Chen. Resources: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Nuer Kuermanali, Chen-Feng Shen. Software: Yan-Feng Liu, Jie Wang. Supervision: Zhuang-Zhi Zhang, Chuang-Fu Chen. Validation: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Jun-Wei ... Wang. Visualization: Hui-Ling Guo, Jie Wang. 10 / 14 Writing ± original draft: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Yan-Feng Liu, Nuer Kuermanali, Deng-Feng Wang, Yuan-Zhi Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Zhi-Qiang Liu

CTCF-Mediated and Pax6-Associated Gene Expression in Corneal Epithelial Cell-Specific Differentiation

Background The purpose of the study is to elicit the epigenetic mechanism involving CCCTC binding factor (CTCF)-mediated chromatin remodeling that regulates PAX6 gene interaction with differentiation-associated genes to control corneal epithelial differentiation. Methods Cell cycle progression and specific keratin expressions were measured to monitor changes of differentiation...

Assessment of the genomic prediction accuracy for feed efficiency traits in meat-type chickens

Feed represents the major cost of chicken production. Selection for improving feed utilization is a feasible way to reduce feed cost and greenhouse gas emissions. The objectives of this study were to investigate the efficiency of genomic prediction for feed conversion ratio (FCR), residual feed intake (RFI), average daily gain (ADG) and average daily feed intake (ADFI) and to...

Association between mitochondrial DNA variations and schizophrenia in the northern Chinese Han population

: Feng-ling Xu, Mei Ding, Jun Yao, Zhang-sen Shi, Xue Wu, Jing-jing Zhang, Hao Pang, Jia-xin Xing, Jin-feng Xuan. 8 / 11 Data curation: Feng-ling Xu. Formal analysis: Feng-ling Xu, Jun Yao, Bao-jie Wang ... . Funding acquisition: Bao-jie Wang. Investigation: Feng-ling Xu. Methodology: Feng-ling Xu, Mei Ding, Jun Yao, Zhang-sen Shi, Bao-jie Wang. Project administration: Mei Ding, Bao-jie Wang. Resources: Bao

The Role of a Single Angiogenesis Inhibitor in the Treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Background Currently, the standard treatment for newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is maximal safe surgical resection followed by radiation therapy with concurrent and adjuvant temozolomide. However, disease recurs in almost all patients, and the optimal salvage treatment for recurrent GBM remains unclear. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of...

Vitamin D status and the prevalence of deficiency in lactating women from eight provinces and municipalities in China

Background Vitamin D deficiency has become prevalent worldwide in recent years. However, less evidence was available for lactating women. Objective The purpose of the study was to understand vitamin D status and prevalence of deficiency in lactating women and associated risk factors for vitamin D deficiency from eight provinces and municipalities in China. Methods Lactating women...

Hybrid weakness in a rice interspecific hybrid is nitrogen-dependent, and accompanied by changes in gene expression at both total transcript level and parental allele partitioning

Background Hybrid weakness, a phenomenon opposite to heterosis, refers to inferior growth and development in a hybrid relative to its pure-line parents. Little attention has been paid to the phenomenological or mechanistic aspect of hybrid weakness, probably due to its rare occurrence. Methodology/Principal findings Here, using a set of interspecific triploid F1 hybrids between...

Effectiveness of community-based complementary food supplement (Yingyangbao) distribution in children aged 6-23 months in poor areas in China

Background Poor growth and micronutrient deficiency mainly attack older infants and young children. Some countries have adopted clinically effective measures to combat malnutrition, but the compliance and improvement in efficacy of intervention vehicles in national programs require evaluation. Methods Baseline and follow-up cross-sectional surveys were conducted before and after...