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Automatic fracture–vug identification and extraction from electric imaging logging data based on path morphology

We present a path morphology method to separate total rock pore space into matrix, fractures and vugs and derive their pore structure spectrum. Thus, we can achieve fine pore evaluation in fracture–vug reservoirs based on electric imaging logging data. We automatically identify and extract fracture–vug information from the electric imaging images by adopting a path morphological...

Mannose receptor-mediated delivery of moss-made α-galactosidase A efficiently corrects enzyme deficiency in Fabry mice

Institute , 3812 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226 , USA 3 Communicated by: Robin Lachmann 4 Jin-Song Shen 5 Baylor Research Institute , Dallas, TX 75226 , USA Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) is an effective ... Institute. Compliance with Ethics Guidelines Conflict of Interest Jin-Song Shen, Taniqua S. Day, Xing-Li Meng, Chun I. Yu, Sabrina Forni, and Shuyuan Chen declare that they have no conflict of interest