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Development of a pan-Babesia FRET-qPCR and a survey of livestock from five Caribbean islands

Background Babesia spp. are tick-borne protozoan hemoparasites and the second most common blood-borne parasites of mammals, in particular domestic animals. We used the Clustal Multiple Alignment program and 18S rRNA gene sequences of 22 Babesia species from GenBank to develop a PCR that could detect a wide variety of Babesia spp. in a single reaction. The pan-Babesia FRET-qPCR we...

A pan-Theileria FRET-qPCR survey for Theileria spp. in ruminants from nine provinces of China

Background Theileria spp. are tick transmitted protozoa that can infect large and small ruminants causing disease and economic losses. Diagnosis of infections is often challenging, as parasites can be difficult to detect and identify microscopically and serology is unreliable. While there are PCR assays which can identify certain Theileria spp., there is no one PCR that has been...