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A Remote Subgrade Settlement Monitoring System Based on Optical Method

Monitoring of subgrade settlement in railway and highway helps to maintain traffic safety and reduce infrastructure losses. When an excess subgrade settlement is detected, maintenances of the unqualified subgrade will be processed in time, and early warning of constructions will be processed to prevent the occurrence of safety accident. In this article, a noncontact, real-time...

A Strategy of Cluster-Based Distributed Location Service

was responsible for conceptualization, data curation, formal analysis, validation, visualization, original draft writing, reviewing, and editing; Jing Yang and Jianpei Zhang were involved in funding ... acquisition; Peng Wang and Jing Yang were responsible for study methodology; Peng Wang, Jing Yang, and Jianpei Zhang were involved in resource acquisition. Acknowledgments *e authors acknowledge the support

Quasi-biweekly impact of the atmospheric heat source over the Tibetan Plateau on summer rainfall in Eastern China

We investigated the intraseasonal relationship between the atmospheric heat source over Tibetan Plateau (TP) and summer rainfall in eastern China. A quasi-biweekly oscillation (QBWO) is the common dominant periodicity over both the TP and eastern China. Crucially, the TP heat source QBWO leads rainfall QBWO over its downstream region by 2–8 days. The QBWO over the TP shows a...

Relationship between the positions of cytoplasmic granulation and the oocytes developmental potential in human

To evaluate the relationship between the positions of cytoplasmic granulation and the oocytes developmental potential in human, we detected the developmental potentials of oocytes with centrally located cytoplasmic granulation (CLCG). The patients’ age, body mass index (BMI), Infertility duration, follicle stimulation hormone (FSH) levels, average stimulate ovulation days...

Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue Method in Treating Diabetic Retinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Objective. To evaluate the efficacy of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue method in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy (DR) with meta-analysis. Method. A randomized controlled trial of Yiqi Yangyin Huoxue method in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy in PubMed, Medline, Cochrane Library, Weipu Journal, China Knowledge Network, and Wanfang database was conducted. Two reviewers independently...

Risk factors for the occurrence of visual-threatening posterior capsule opacification

To evaluate the potential risk factor of visual-threatening posterior capsule opacification (PCO) via the analysis of National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan. A total of 8571 patients (3767 male and 4804 female) were recruited in the study group and 17,142 patients (7534 male and 9608 female) in the control group. Patients undergoing cataract surgery, acrysof single...

A deadline constrained scheduling algorithm for cloud computing system based on the driver of dynamic essential path

Shao, Zhiqiang Xie. Funding acquisition: Zhiqiang Xie, Yu Xin, Jing Yang. Investigation: Xia Shao, Yu Xin. Methodology: Xia Shao. Software: Xia Shao, Yu Xin. Validation: Zhiqiang Xie, Yu Xin, Jing ... Yang. Writing ? original draft: Xia Shao. Writing ? review & editing: Xia Shao. 24 / 26 25 / 26 1. Fox A. , Griffith R. , Joseph A. , Katz R. , Konwinski A. , Lee G. ,et al. Above the Clouds: A

Complete versus culprit-only revascularization in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel disease: a meta-analysis of randomized trials

The best strategy for the treatment of the non-infarct artery in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and multivessel disease (MVD) undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is not yet defined. We searched the literature for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that compared complete revascularization (CR) with infarct-related coronary artery...

The development of optic neuropathy after chronic rhinosinusitis: A population-based cohort study

Contributions Conceptualization: Chan-Wei Nien, Chia-Yi Lee, Pei-Hsuan Wu, Jessie Chao-Yun Chi, Shun-Fa Yang. Formal analysis: Hung-Chi Chen, Chi-Chin Sun, Jing-Yang Huang. Methodology: Chia-Yi Lee, Pei-Hsuan

Intensive insulin therapy versus plasmapheresis in the management of hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis (Bi-TPAI trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

It is widely agreed that triglyceride (TG)-lowering therapy is imperative in early hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis (HTG-AP). Intravenous insulin with or without heparin, and plasmapheresis are available regimens. However, there is no consensus on first-line therapy. The Bi-TPAI trial is a multicenter, parallel group, randomized, controlled, non-inferiority trial...

Mechanism of the efflux transport of demethoxycurcumin-O-glucuronides in HeLa cells stably transfected with UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1

: Beibei Zhang, Jing Yang. Formal analysis: Beibei Zhang, Zifei Qin, Zhihong Yao. Funding acquisition: Beibei Zhang, Zifei Qin, Zhihong Yao, Xinsheng Yao. Investigation: Beibei Zhang, Zifei Qin, Zhihong ... Yao. Methodology: Beibei Zhang, Jing Yang, Shishi Li, Jinjin Xu. Project administration: Zifei Qin, Zhihong Yao, Xiaojian Zhang, Xinsheng Yao. Resources: Zifei Qin, Zhihong Yao, Xiaojian Zhang

A Differential Privacy Framework for Collaborative Filtering

@ileyoaix Received 18 October 2018; Revised 23 November 2018; Accepted 18 December 2018; Published 9 January 2019 Academic Editor: A. M. Bastos Pereira Copyright © 2019 Jing Yang et al. This is an open

A Differential Privacy Framework for Collaborative Filtering

Focusing on the privacy issues in recommender systems, we propose a framework containing two perturbation methods for differentially private collaborative filtering to prevent the threat of inference attacks against users. To conceal individual ratings and provide valuable predictions, we consider some representative algorithms to calculate the predicted scores and provide...

Effect of high energy X-ray irradiation on the nano-mechanical properties of human enamel and dentine

Xue performed the experiments. Liang Xue and Zhang Jing-Yang analyzed the data. Liang Xue, Zhang Jing-Yang and Cheng Iek Ka contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools. References 1. Argiris

Targeting PI3K in cancer: mechanisms and advances in clinical trials

Phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling is one of the most important intracellular pathways, which can be considered as a master regulator for cancer. Enormous efforts have been dedicated to the development of drugs targeting PI3K signaling, many of which are currently employed in clinical trials evaluation, and it is becoming...

Magnesium lithospermate B improves renal hemodynamics and reduces renal oxygen consumption in 5/6th renal ablation/infarction rats

Magnesium lithospermate B (MLB) can promote renal microcirculation. The aim of the current project was to study whether MLB improves renal hemodynamics, oxygen consumption and subsequently attenuates hypoxia in rats induced by 5/6th renal Ablation/Infarction(A/I). Chronic renal failure (CRF) was induced in male SD rats by the 5/6 (A/I) surgery. 30 rats were randomly divided into...

Influence of calcium chloride impregnation on the thermal and high-temperature carbonization properties of bamboo fiber

. Formal analysis: Tao Li. Funding acquisition: Dali Cheng. Investigation: Dali Cheng, Jing Yang, Cheng Hang. Methodology: Zhenyue Miao, Zicheng Wu. Project administration: Dali Cheng. Resources: Tao Li

Visual and rapid detection of Acinetobacter baumannii by a multiple cross displacement amplification combined with nanoparticles-based biosensor assay

The traditional microbiological methods used for detecting Acinetobacter baumannii were usually time-consuming and labor-intensive. Thus, we sought to establish a novel rapid detecting method for target pathogen. A set of multiple cross displacement amplification (MCDA) primers was designed to recognize 10 different regions of the pgaD gene, which was conservative and specific...

Inappropriate admissions of the cardiology and orthopedics departments of a tertiary hospital in Shanghai, China

the preparation of the raw material. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Wenwei Liu, Suwei Yuan, Jin Ma. 10 / 12 Data curation: Wenwei Liu, Fengqin Wei, Jing Yang, Jin Ma. Formal analysis: Wenwei ... . Resources: Wenwei Liu, Jing Yang, Jin Ma. Software: Wenwei Liu. Supervision: Wenwei Liu, Jin Ma. Validation: Wenwei Liu, Jin Ma. Visualization: Wenwei Liu. Writing ? original draft: Wenwei Liu, Suwei

Effect of directional solidification process on microstructure and stress rupture property of a hot corrosion resistant single crystal superalloy

structure and finer interfacial dislocation networks. Key wordsDD488 superalloy liquid metal cooling high rate solidification microstructure property  Jing-yang Chen Male, born in 1979, Ph.D., Senior