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Prognostic significance of NF-κB expression in non-small cell lung cancer: A meta-analysis

number 81602423 to L.Z.). Author Contributions Data curation: Lijun Gu, Zhiyan Wang, Hongmei Li. 8 / 11 Formal analysis: Jing Zuo. Investigation: Lijun Gu. Methodology: Lijun Gu, Hongmei Li. Project ... administration: Hongmei Li, Lin Zha. Resources: Jing Zuo. Software: Lijun Gu. Validation: Zhiyan Wang. Writing ? original draft: Lijun Gu, Hongmei Li. Writing ? review & editing: Zhiyan Wang, Lin Zha. 9 / 11

Accurate Quantitative Sensing of Intracellular pH based on Self-ratiometric Upconversion Luminescent Nanoprobe

Accurate quantitation of intracellular pH (pHi) is of great importance in revealing the cellular activities and early warning of diseases. A series of fluorescence-based nano-bioprobes composed of different nanoparticles or/and dye pairs have already been developed for pHi sensing. Till now, biological auto-fluorescence background upon UV-Vis excitation and severe photo-bleaching...

Analysis of the vp2 gene sequence of a new mutated mink enteritis parvovirus strain in PR China

, 55 : 60 - 63 . 26. Jiahui Rao , Yuping Wang , Lianchang Lei , Bo Li , Jing Zuo : Isolation and identif ication of feline panleukopenia virus strain JL1205 . Chin J Vet Sci 2009 , 29 ( PT6 ): 716 - 720

Functional analysis of GbAGL1, a D-lineage gene from cotton (Gossypium barbadense)

Cotton fibres originate from the outer ovule integument and D-lineage genes are essential for ovule development and their roles can be described by the ‘ABCDE’ model of flower development. To investigate the role of D-lineage genes during ovule and fibre development, GbAGL1 (GenBank accession number: FJ198049) was isolated from G. barbadense by using the SMART RACE strategy...