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Rational approach to guest confinement inside MOF cavities for low-temperature catalysis

Geometric or electronic confinement of guests inside nanoporous hosts promises to deliver unusual catalytic or opto-electronic functionality from existing materials but is challenging to obtain particularly using metastable hosts, such as metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). Reagents (e.g. precursor) may be too large for impregnation and synthesis conditions may also destroy the...

Synthesis of Platinum Nanocrystals within Iodine Ions Mediated

A liquid-phase reducing method of synthesizing Pt nanocrystals was demonstrated, and dendrite-, cube-, and cuboctahedron-shaped Pt nanocrystals (NCs) with well-defined monomorphic were successfully synthesized through iodine ions mediated with the CTAB agent. When the KI concentration was increased to thirty times of K2PtCl4 at the nucleation stage, the high-quality Pt...

Analysis of Enterovirus 68 Strains from the 2014 North American Outbreak Reveals a New Clade, Indicating Viral Evolution

Enterovirus 68 (EVD68) causes respiratory illness, mostly in children. Despite a reported low-level of transmission, the occurrence of several recent outbreaks worldwide including the 2014 outbreak in North America has raised concerns regarding the pathogenesis and evolution of EVD68. To elucidate the phylogenetic features of EVD68 and possible causes for the 2014 outbreak, 216...