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Interface modification effect between p-type a-SiC:H and ZnO:Al in p-i-n amorphous silicon solar cells

Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) [AZO] is a good candidate to be used as a transparent conducting oxide [TCO]. For solar cells having a hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide [a-SiC:H] or hydrogenated amorphous silicon [a-Si:H] window layer, the use of the AZO as TCO results in a deterioration of fill factor [FF], so fluorine-doped tin oxide (Sn02:F) [FTO] is usually preferred...

Impedance Spectroscopic Study of p-i-n Type a-Si Solar Cell by Doping Variation of p-Type Layer

We investigated p-i-n type amorphous silicon (a-Si) solar cell where the diborane flow rate of the p-type layer was varied and the solar cell was measured static/dynamic characteristics. The p/i interface of the thin film amorphous silicon solar cells was studied in terms of the coordination number of boron atoms in the p layer. p-type layer and p/i interface properties were...