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Heterozoan carbonates in subtropical to tropical settings in the present and past

Water temperature has received considerable attention as steering factor for the genesis of different types of marine carbonate sediments. However, parameters other than temperature also strongly influence ecosystems and, consequently, the carbonate grain associations in the resulting carbonate rock. Among those factors are biological evolution, water energy, substrate, water...

Effect of seawater temperature, pH, and nutrients on the distribution and character of low abundance shallow water benthic foraminifera in the Galápagos

California pH data. Data curation: Alexander F. Humphreys, Bernhard Riegl. Formal analysis: Alexander F. Humphreys. Funding acquisition: Jochen Halfar, Hildegard Westphal. Methodology: Alexander F ... . Humphreys, Jochen Halfar, James C. Ingle, Derek Manzello, Bernhard Riegl. Project administration: Jochen Halfar, Claire E. Reymond, Bernhard Riegl. Resources: Jochen Halfar, Bernhard Riegl. Software