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The bipolar assembly domain of the mitotic motor kinesin-5

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Not so crystal clear: the structure of the human telomere G-quadruplex in solution differs from that present in a crystal

The structure of human telomere DNA is of intense interest because of its role in the biology of both cancer and aging. The sequence [5′-AGGG(TTAGGG)3] has been used as a model for telomere DNA in both NMR and X-ray crystallographic studies, the results of which show dramatically different structures. In Na+ solution, NMR revealed an antiparallel G-quadruplex structure that...

β class II tubulin predominates in normal and tumor breast tissues

Background Antimitotic chemotherapeutic agents target tubulin, the major protein in mitotic spindles. Tubulin isotype composition is thought to be both diagnostic of tumor progression and a determinant of the cellular response to chemotherapy. This implies that there is a difference in isotype composition between normal and tumor tissues. Methods To determine whether such a...