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The association between early-onset schizophrenia with employment, income, education, and cohabitation status: nationwide study with 35 years of follow-up

PurposeIndividuals with schizophrenia have been reported to have low employment rates. We examined the associations of schizophrenia with employment, income, and status of cohabitation from a work life course perspective.MethodsNationwide cohort study including all individuals (n = 2,390,127) born in Denmark between 1955 and 1991, who were alive at their 25th birthday. Diagnosis...

Causal associations between risk factors and common diseases inferred from GWAS summary data

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The association between neonatal vitamin D status and risk of schizophrenia

, Denmark 11 Centre for Integrated Registerbased Research, Aarhus University , Aarhus , Denmark 12 Author Contributions Writing group: Maciej Trzaskowski , Darryl W. Eyles, John J. McGrath, Helen Gooch ... Bo Mortensen, John J. McGrath, Ole Mors, Anders B?rglum, Victor Anggono, Thomas Burne, Pankaj Sah. Approval of final manuscript: Darryl W. Eyles, Maciej Trzaskowski, Anna A. E. Vinkhuyzen , Manuel

Behavioural Effects of Adult Vitamin D Deficiency in BALB/c Mice Are not Associated with Proliferation or Survival of Neurons in the Adult Hippocampus

Epidemiological studies have shown that up to one third of adults have insufficient levels of vitamin D and there is an association between low vitamin D concentrations and adverse brain outcomes, such as depression. Vitamin D has been shown to be involved in processes associated with neurogenesis during development. Therefore, the aim of this study was to test the hypothesis...

The Impact of Adult Vitamin D Deficiency on Behaviour and Brain Function in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats

Background Vitamin D deficiency is common in the adult population, and this has been linked to depression and cognitive outcomes in clinical populations. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of adult vitamin D (AVD) deficiency on behavioural tasks of relevance to neuropsychiatric disorders in male Sprague-Dawley rats. Methods Ten-week old male Sprague-Dawley rats...

The association between delusional-like experiences, and tobacco, alcohol or cannabis use: a nationwide population-based survey

Louisa Degenhardt 4 Tim Slade 4 John J McGrath 0 3 6 0 Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, The Park Centre for Mental Health , Wacol, QLD 4076 , Australia 1 The University of Queensland Centre

The Effects of Breeding Protocol in C57BL/6J Mice on Adult Offspring Behaviour

Animal experiments have demonstrated that a wide range of prenatal exposures can impact on the behaviour of the offspring. However, there is a lack of evidence as to whether the duration of sire exposure could affect such outcomes. We compared two widely used methods for breeding offspring for behavioural studies. The first involved housing male and female C57Bl/6J mice together...

Cardiometabolic Risk Indicators That Distinguish Adults with Psychosis from the General Population, by Age and Gender

Individuals with psychosis are more likely than the general community to develop obesity and to die prematurely from heart disease. Interventions to improve cardiovascular outcomes are best targeted at the earliest indicators of risk, at the age they first emerge. We investigated which cardiometabolic risk indicators distinguished those with psychosis from the general population...

Attentional Processing in C57BL/6J Mice Exposed to Developmental Vitamin D Deficiency

Epidemiological evidence suggests that Developmental Vitamin D (DVD) deficiency is associated with an increased risk of schizophrenia. DVD deficiency in mice is associated with altered behaviour, however there has been no detailed investigation of cognitive behaviours in DVD-deficient mice. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of DVD deficiency on a range of...

Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Cognitive and Emotional Functioning in Young Adults – A Randomised Controlled Trial

Background Epidemiological research links vitamin D status to various brain-related outcomes. However, few trials examine whether supplementation can improve such outcomes and none have examined effects on cognition. This study examined whether Vitamin D supplementation led to improvements in diverse measures of cognitive and emotional functioning, and hypothesised that...

Invited Commentary: Gaining Traction on the Epidemiologic Landscape of Schizophrenia

John J. McGrath 0 0 From the Queensland Centre for Schizophrenia Research, University of Queensland , Wacol , Australia Correspondence to Professor John J. McGrath, Queensland Centre for

Variance of Gene Expression Identifies Altered Network Constraints in Neurological Disease

Gene expression analysis has become a ubiquitous tool for studying a wide range of human diseases. In a typical analysis we compare distinct phenotypic groups and attempt to identify genes that are, on average, significantly different between them. Here we describe an innovative approach to the analysis of gene expression data, one that identifies differences in expression...

Advanced Paternal Age Is Associated with Impaired Neurocognitive Outcomes during Infancy and Childhood

Background Advanced paternal age (APA) is associated with an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, as well as with dyslexia and reduced intelligence. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between paternal age and performance on neurocognitive measures during infancy and childhood. Methods and Findings A sample of...

Disease-specific, neurosphere-derived cells as models for brain disorders

Cecil Alistair M. Chalk Julie Cochrane Yongjun Fan Franois Fron Richard McCurdy John J. McGrath Wayne Murrell Chris Perry Jyothy Raju Sugandha Ravishankar Peter A. Silburn Greg T. Sutherland Stephen