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Spatial Aggregation Methods for Investigating the MAUP Effects in Migration Analysis

In this paper, we investigate the effects of scale and zone configuration on migration indicators and spatial interaction model parameters using a software system known as the IMAGE Studio. Internal migration flows in the United Kingdom and the local authority districts between which they move are aggregated into sets of increasingly fewer and larger polygons using alternative...

Editorial: Internal Migration - Spatial Analysis and Policy

framework that underpins the IMAGE studio is outlined in the first paper by John Stillwell and colleagues from the IMAGE team, together with explanation of the functionality that each of its subsystems

Subnational migration in the United Kingdom: producing a consistent time series using a combination of available data and estimates

There is no single framework in place in the United Kingdom for collating and harmonizing the data on migration taking place between the subnational administrative units that constitute the home nations, together with the flows of international migration between these areas and the ‘rest of the world’. This paper proposes the construction of complete matrices of subnational...

A new area classification for understanding internal migration in Britain

This article details the development of a new area classification for Britain based on internal migration variables taken from the 2001 Census. An explanation of why general‐purpose area classifications already in existence are not ideal for internal migration analysis is provided, before an account of the construction of the new classification is given. The latter involves...