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The effect of competition on discrimination in online markets—Anonymity and selection

Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University, and TRYG Child Research Centre at Aarhus University for providing fruitful comments. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Emma von Essen, Jonas Karlsson. Data

Groove‐binding unsymmetrical cyanine dyes for staining of DNA: dissociation rates in free solution and electrophoresis gels

The rates of dissociation of three non‐intercalative unsymmetrical cyanine dyes, BEBO, BETO and BOXTO from mixed‐sequence DNA have been studied with the DNA either free in solution or in confining porous agarose gels. The properties of the new dyes were compared to the related intercalating dyes BO, BO‐PRO, TO‐PRO and YO‐PRO. With DNA in solution, BEBO dissociates more slowly...

A new minor groove binding asymmetric cyanine reporter dye for real‐time PCR

The minor groove binding asymmetric cyanine dye 4‐[(3‐methyl‐6‐(benzothiazol‐2‐yl)‐2,3‐dihydro‐ (benzo‐1,3‐thiazole)‐2‐methylidene)]‐1‐methyl‐pyridin ium iodide (BEBO) is tested as sequence non‐ specific label in real‐time PCR. The fluorescence intensity of BEBO increases upon binding to double‐stranded DNA allowing emission to be measured at the end of the elongation phase in...

Groove‐binding unsymmetrical cyanine dyes for staining of DNA: syntheses and characterization of the DNA‐binding

Two new crescent‐shaped unsymmetrical cyanine dyes have been synthesised and their interactions with DNA have been investigated by different spectroscopic methods. These dyes are analogues to a minor groove binding unsymmetrical cyanine dye, BEBO, recently reported by us. In this dye, the structure of the known intercalating cyanine dye BO was extended with a benzothiazole...