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Time-dependent analysis of an M / M / c preemptive priority system with two priority classes

We analyze the time-dependent behavior of an M / M / c priority queue having two customer classes, class-dependent service rates, and preemptive priority between classes. More particularly, we develop a method that determines the Laplace transforms of the transition functions when the system is initially empty. The Laplace transforms corresponding to states with at least c high...

Steady-state analysis of shortest expected delay routing

We consider a queueing system consisting of two nonidentical exponential servers, where each server has its own dedicated queue and serves the customers in that queue FCFS. Customers arrive according to a Poisson process and join the queue promising the shortest expected delay, which is a natural and near-optimal policy for systems with nonidentical servers. This system can be...

Joint queue length distribution of multi-class, single-server queues with preemptive priorities

In this paper we analyze an M/M/1 queueing system with an arbitrary number of customer classes, with class-dependent exponential service rates and preemptive priorities between classes. The queuing system can be described by a multi-dimensional Markov process, where the coordinates keep track of the number of customers of each class in the system. Based on matrix-analytic...