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Inferentialism and knowledge: Brandom’s arguments against reliabilism

I take issue with Robert Brandom’s claim that on an analysis of knowledge based on objective probabilities it is not possible to provide a stable answer to the question whether a belief has the status of knowledge. I argue that the version of the problem of generality developed by Brandom doesn’t undermine a truth-tracking account of noninferential knowledge that construes truth...

Actualism and Modal Semantics

According to actualism, modal reality is constructed out of valuations (combinations of truth values for all propositions). According to possibilism, modal reality consists in a set of possible worlds, conceived as independent objects that assign truth values to propositions. According to possibilism, accounts of modal reality can intelligibly disagree with each other even if...

Safety, sensitivity and differential support

José L. Zalabardo 0 0 Philosophy Department, UCL , Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT , UK The paper argues against Sosa's claim that sensitivity cannot be differentially supported over safety as the