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Inner approximation algorithm for generalized linear multiplicative programming problems

An efficient inner approximation algorithm is presented for solving the generalized linear multiplicative programming problem with generalized linear multiplicative constraints. The problem is firstly converted into an equivalent generalized geometric programming problem, then some magnifying-shrinking skills and approximation strategies are used to convert the equivalent...

The expression level and prognostic value of HIPK3 among non-small-cell lung cancer patients in China

The expression level and prognostic value of HIPK3 among non-small-cell lung cancer patients in China Yifei Liu,1,* Li Qian,1,* Juanjuan Yang,1 Hua Huang,1 Jia Feng,1 Xiaoli Li,1 Tingting Bian,1

Purification and identification of two novel antioxidant peptides from perilla (Perilla frutescens L. Britton) seed protein hydrolysates

. Hang Wang for excellent technical assistance. 13 / 15 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Juanjuan Yang, Jing Hong. Data curation: Qiuluan Chen. Software: Lei Hu, Qian Ma. Supervision: Chun Meng ... , Jing Hong. Writing ? original draft: Juanjuan Yang. Writing ? review & editing: Jie Yang, Jing Hong. Investigation: Juanjuan Yang, Lei Hu, Tiantian Cai, Qiuluan Chen. 14 / 15 1. Yongvanit P , Pinlaor

The first identified cathelicidin from tree frogs possesses anti-inflammatory and partial LPS neutralization activities

As of February 2017, approximately 7639 amphibian species have been described in the AmphibiaWeb database. However, only 20 cathelicidin-like antimicrobial peptides have been identified to date from 10 amphibian species. Half of these peptides were identified from genome sequences and have not yet been functionally characterized. In this study, a novel cathelicidin-like peptide...

A potent anti-inflammatory peptide from the salivary glands of horsefly

Background A diverse group of physiologically active peptides/proteins are present in the salivary glands of horsefly Tabanus yao (Diptera, Tabanidae) that facilitate acquisition of blood meal. However, their roles in the regulation of local inflammation remains poorly understood. Methods Induction expression profiles of immune-related molecules in the salivary glands of T. yao...