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Arecoline inhibits the growth of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes via AMP-activated protein kinase and reactive oxygen species pathways

at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan, for technical assistance. Conceptualization: Jueng-Tsueng Weng, Yi-Wei Tsuei, Tsu-Shing Wang, Yung-Hsi Kao. Formal analysis: Zi-Han Tian, Li-Jane Shih, An-Ci Siao, Tsai ... Tian, Yow-Chii Kuo, Yung-Hsi Kao. Resources: Jueng-Tsueng Weng, Yi-Wei Tsuei, Yung-Hsi Kao. Software: Li-Jane Shih. Supervision: Yung-Hsi Kao. Validation: Zi-Han Tian, Yung-Hsi Kao. Visualization