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Codon-optimized DsRed fluorescent protein for use in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

ObjectiveWe have previously codon-optimized a number of red fluorescent proteins for use in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (mCherry, tdTomato, Turbo-635). We aimed to expand this repertoire to include DsRed, another widely used and flexible red fluorescent protein.ResultsWe generated expression constructs with a full length DsRed under the control of one of three strong, constitutive...

Identification of the translational start site of codon-optimized mCherry in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Background Fluorescent proteins are used widely as reporter genes in many organisms. We previously codon-optimized mCherry for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and generated expression constructs with high level expression in mycobacteria with multiple uses in vitro and in vivo. However, little is known about the expression of fluorescent proteins in mycobacteria and the translational...

Sensitive Detection of Gene Expression in Mycobacteria under Replicating and Non-Replicating Conditions Using Optimized Far-Red Reporters

Fluorescent reporter proteins have proven useful for imaging techniques in many organisms. We constructed optimized expression systems for several fluorescent proteins from the far-red region of the spectrum and analyzed their utility in several mycobacterial species. Plasmids expressing variants of the Discosoma Red fluorescent protein (DsRed) from the Mycobacterium bovis hsp60...