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Perceptions of chest pain and healthcare seeking behavior for chest pain in northern Tanzania: A community-based survey

performed the survey: Timothy Peter, Mariam Kabongo, Hyasinta Massawe, Pili Shekolowa, Conceptualization: Julian T. Hertz, Sophie W. Galson, Gerald S. Bloomfield, Matthew P. Formal analysis: Julian T. Hertz ... . Maro, Matthew P. Rubach. Writing ? original draft: Julian T. Hertz. Writing ? review & editing: Julian T. Hertz, Deng B. Madut, Revogatus A. Tesha, Gwamaka William, Ryan A. Simmons, Sophie W. Galson

The distribution of cardiac diagnostic testing for acute coronary syndrome in the Brazilian healthcare system: A national geospatial evaluation of health access

Conceptualization: Julian T. Hertz, Joao Ricardo Vissoci, Elias Carvalho, Luciano de Andrade, Alex T. Limkakeng, Catherine A. Staton. 13 / 16 Data curation: Joao Ricardo Vissoci, Thiago Augusto Hernandes Rocha ... , Elias Carvalho. Formal analysis: Julian T. Hertz, Joao Ricardo Vissoci, Thiago Augusto Hernandes Rocha, Luciano de Andrade. Investigation: Elias Carvalho. Methodology: Joao Ricardo Vissoci, Thiago

Acute Myocardial Infarction in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Need for Data

Background Trends in the prevalence of acute myocardial infarction in sub-Saharan Africa have not been well described, despite growing recognition of the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease in low- and middle-income countries. The aim of this systematic review was to describe the prevalence of acute myocardial infarction in sub-Saharan Africa. Methods We searched PubMed...

Estimating Leptospirosis Incidence Using Hospital-Based Surveillance and a Population-Based Health Care Utilization Survey in Tanzania

Background The incidence of leptospirosis, a neglected zoonotic disease, is uncertain in Tanzania and much of sub-Saharan Africa, resulting in scarce data on which to prioritize resources for public health interventions and disease control. In this study, we estimate the incidence of leptospirosis in two districts in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Methodology/Principal...

Utilization of Healthcare in the Typhoid Fever Surveillance in Africa Program

Background. Assessing healthcare utilization is important to identify weaknesses of healthcare systems, to outline action points for preventive measures and interventions, and to more accurately estimate the disease burden in a population. Methods. A healthcare utilization survey was developed for the Typhoid Fever Surveillance in Africa Program (TSAP) to adjust incidences of...

Chikungunya and Dengue Fever among Hospitalized Febrile Patients in Northern Tanzania

0 Diseases and International Health, Department of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center , Box 102359, Durham, NC 27710 1 Authors' addresses: Julian T. Hertz, Anne B. Morrissey, John A. Bartlett

The Relationship Between Invasive Nontyphoidal Salmonella Disease, Other Bacterial Bloodstream Infections, and Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa

Cruz Espinoza 11 23 Muna Ahmed Eltayeb 6 11 Nagla Gasmelseed 6 11 Julian T. Hertz 11 29 30 Justin Im 11 23 Anna Jaeger 3 11 Leon Parfait Kabore 4 11 Vera von Kalckreuth 11 23 Karen H. Keddy 1 2 11 Frank