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Two New Eudesmane Sesquiterpenoids from the Flowers of Chrysanthemum indicum

The flowers of Chrysanthemum indicum, i.e. Ye-ju-hua recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, has been widely used in China as an important heat-clearing and detoxifying herb for the treatment of inflammation, headache, and vertigo. A phytochemical investigation of this herb has led to the isolation of two new eudesmane sesquiterpenoids, 7-epi-eudesm-4(15),11(13)-diene-1β,3β-diol...

Phytochemicals and biological activities of Ligularia species

Ligularia, an important genus of the Compositae family, has captured the interest of natural product chemists for years. Phytochemical investigations on the title genus have led to isolation of hundreds of secondary metabolites with various skeletons. Herein, we summarized the chemical constituents of this genus and their biological activities over the past few decades.