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The association between resting functional connectivity and dispositional optimism

Third Military Medical University , 2014YL034 , Dong Zhang; Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, SWU1609319, Junyi Yang; National Natural Science Foundation of China , 31271087, Jiang ... is LOT-R, SAS and SDS score. (XLSX) S1 File. This is fMRI results. (RAR) Acknowledgments Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qian Ran, Junyi Yang. Funding acquisition: Jiang Qiu, Dong Zhang

The Association between Resting Functional Connectivity and Visual Creativity

Resting-state functional connectivity (RSFC), the temporal correlation of intrinsic activation between different brain regions, has become one of the most fascinating field in the functional imaging studies. To better understand the association between RSFC and individual creativity, we used RSFC and the figure Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT-F) to investigate the...

Neural Bases of Unconscious Error Detection in a Chinese Anagram Solution Task: Evidence from ERP Study

In everyday life, error monitoring and processing are important for improving ongoing performance in response to a changing environment. However, detecting an error is not always a conscious process. The temporal activation patterns of brain areas related to cognitive control in the absence of conscious awareness of an error remain unknown. In the present study, event-related...

Disparate Metabolic Responses in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet Supplemented with Maize-Derived Non-Digestible Feruloylated Oligo- and Polysaccharides Are Linked to Changes in the Gut Microbiota

Studies have suggested links between colonic fermentation of dietary fibers and improved metabolic health. The objectives of this study were to determine if non-digestible feruloylated oligo- and polysaccharides (FOPS), a maize-derived dietary fiber, could counteract the deleterious effects of high-fat (HF) feeding in mice and explore if metabolic benefits were linked to the gut...

Gender differences in brain structure and resting-state functional connectivity related to narcissistic personality

), Ministry of Education, Chongqing 400715, P. R. ChinaWenjing Yang, Lingli Cun, Xue Du, Junyi Yang, Yanqiu Wang, Dongtao Wei, Qinglin Zhang & Jiang QiuSchool of Psychology, Southwest University, Chongqing ... 400715, P. R. ChinaWenjing Yang, Lingli Cun, Xue Du, Junyi Yang, Yanqiu Wang, Dongtao Wei, Qinglin Zhang & Jiang Qiu AuthorsSearch for Wenjing Yang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google

The Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Acute Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Chronic Smokers

Although previous research had related structural changes and impaired cognition to chronic cigarette smoking, recent neuroimaging studies have associated nicotine, which is a main chemical substance in cigarettes, with improvements in cognitive functions (e.g. improved attention performance). However, information about the alterations of whole-brain functional connectivity after...

Sensitivity enhancement for measurement of nonlinear refraction using top-hat beams

A simple and high-sensitivity technique is presented to investigate nonlinear refraction. In this technique, a combination of aperture and obscuration disk is introduced in the measurement system. Compared to the top-hat Z-scan, the curves of modified top-hat Z-scan for the nonlinear refraction show a single peak. Furthermore, the sensitivity of this new technique can be more...

Gut microbiome composition is linked to whole grain-induced immunological improvements

The involvement of the gut microbiota in metabolic disorders, and the ability of whole grains to affect both host metabolism and gut microbial ecology, suggest that some benefits of whole grains are mediated through their effects on the gut microbiome. Nutritional studies that assess the effect of whole grains on both the gut microbiome and human physiology are needed. We...