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The influence of non-starch polysaccharide on thermodynamic properties of starches from facultative wheat varieties

The effect of sowing time of three facultative wheat varieties (late autumn or spring) on the content and properties of arabinoxylans (AX) adsorbed on the surface of starch granules in the process of washing out from flour, and the impact of AX on physicochemical properties of starch and filtration performance of enzymatic starch hydrolysates were determined in this study. The...

Comparison of digestibility of wood pulps produced by the sulfate and TMP methods and woodchips of various botanical origins and sizes

Poplar and pine cellulosic pulps derived by the sulfate process (Kappa numbers of 15.4 and 31.4, respectively) and a poplar thermomechanical pulp (TMP, Kappa number of 124.7) as well as 0.43–0.8 mm woodchips of various botanical origins (poplar, birch, lime, oak, beech, pine, and spruce) and poplar chips of five different average particle sizes, ranging from 1.6–2.0 to <0.43 mm...

Production of glucose-rich enzymatic hydrolysates from cellulosic pulps

The digestibility of cellulosic pulps derived by the sulfate process was assessed using commercial multienzyme preparations. Poplar wood pulps of relatively low lignin contents (Kappa numbers of 15.4–24.2), birch, beech and pine wood pulps (Kappa numbers of 25.8–31.4), and wheat straw pulp (Kappa number of 29.5) were efficiently hydrolyzed by a commercial preparation NS-22086...