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Determination of the reference value of nitrogen mass fraction in the reference material of Polish soil

Ensuring a traceability and meaningful of a measurements is one of the most important stages of each analysis, each measurement. It is especially important for measurement of the environmental samples, like soil, which is a very complex matrix. A certified reference materials (CRMs) should be routinely used for this purpose. The paper discusses the procedure for preparation of...

Production of dietary feed supplements enriched in microelements in a pilot plant biosorption system

In this work, biosorption was used as a method to enrich biomass (soybean meal) with microelements [such as Zn(II), Cu(II), Mn(II) and Fe(II)] that are essential in livestock nutrition to produce dietary feed supplements. The biosorption process was carried out in a specially designed pilot plant system with two-column reactors according to the principles of the eco-friendly...

Valorization of Bones to Liquid Phosphorus Fertilizer by Microbial Solubilization

Problem of decreasing resources of phosphate rock for phosphorus fertilizers production, can be mitigated by biological degradation of low quality substrates, performed by bacterial species able to produce mineral and low molecular organic acids. It was found that Bacillus megaterium was able to solubilize phosphorus incorporated with organic matter—biogenic apatite—bones. Using...

Biomass of Spirulina maxima enriched by biosorption process as a new feed supplement for swine

This paper deals with the new mineral feed additives with Cu produced in a biosorption process from a semi-technical scale. The natural biomass of edible microalga Spirulina sp. was enriched with Cu(II) and then used as a mineral supplement in feeding experiments on swine to assess its nutrition properties. A total of 24 piglets divided into two groups (control and experimental...

Effect on supplementation of Spirulina maxima enriched with Cu on production performance, metabolical and physiological parameters in fattening pigs

A. Saeid K. Chojnacka M. Korczyski D. Korniewicz Z. Dobrzaski In this paper, the effect of addition of the biomass of Spirulina maxima enriched with copper (Sm-Cu) to the animal feed is discussed