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Mathematical modelling of the impact of treating latent tuberculosis infection in the elderly in a city with intermediate tuberculosis burden

Hong Kong is a high-income city with intermediate tuberculosis (TB) burden primarily driven by endogenous reactivations. A high proportion of remote latently infected people, particularly elderly, hinders the effectiveness of current strategies focusing on passive TB detection. In this study, we developed a mathematical model to evaluate the impact of treating latent TB infection...

Gene-methylation epistatic analyses via the W-test identifies enriched signals of neuronal genes in patients undergoing lipid-control treatment

An increasing number of studies are focused on the epigenetic regulation of DNA to affect gene expression without modifications to the DNA sequence. Methylation plays an important role in shaping disease traits; however, previous studies were mainly experiment, based, resulting in few reports that measured gene–methylation interaction effects via statistical means. In this study...

An increasing trend of rural infections of human influenza A (H7N9) from 2013 to 2017: A retrospective analysis of patient exposure histories in Zhejiang province, China

Contributions Conceptualization: Enfu Chen, Maggie H. Wang, Fan He, Benny C. Y. Zee, Steven Y. F. Lau, Xiaoxiao Wang, Ka Chun Chong. Data curation: Wei Cheng, Xiaoxiao Wang. Formal analysis: Riyang Sun ... , Steven Y. F. Lau, Xiaoxiao Wang. Funding acquisition: Enfu Chen, Wei Cheng, Xiaoxiao Wang. Investigation: Wei Cheng, Xiaoxiao Wang, Ka Chun Chong. Methodology: Steven Y. F. Lau, Ka Chun Chong. Project

Modeling the impact of air, sea, and land travel restrictions supplemented by other interventions on the emergence of a new influenza pandemic virus

Ka Chun Chong 0 Benny Chung Ying Zee 0 0 Division of Biostatistics, The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong SAR , China Background