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Web-Shear Capacity of Thick Precast Prestressed Hollow-Core Slab Units Produced by Extrusion Method

The prestressed hollow-core slab (PHCS) is a precast concrete member that can maximize productivity and structural performance efficiency of concrete cross-section. For the PHCS members produced by extrusion method, however, it is difficult to provide the shear reinforcement due to its unique production method to form the hollow-cores in concrete section. The recently revised...

Flexural Responses of Prestressed Hybrid Wide Flange Composite Girders

In this study, prestressed hybrid wide flange (PHWF) composite girders were proposed, and full-scale flexural tests were conducted to evaluate their structural performances. This new proposed girder system was developed and designed to effectively resist external loads considering the actual construction sequences. Two specimens with and without shear connectors were fabricated...

Control of Tensile Stress in Prestressed Concrete Members Under Service Loads

-Eun Joo Kang Su Kim In current design codes, crack control design criterion for prestressed concrete (PSC) members is stricter than conventional reinforced concrete (RC) members. In particular, it is

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Effective Shear Stiffness of Reinforced ECC Columns

Pan Kang-Su Kim Shaoping Meng Engineered cementitious composites (ECC) possesses characteristics that make it suitable in the zones of high shear and ductility demand of structural elements; however

Shear Strength Reduction Factor of Prestressed Hollow-Core Slab Units Based on the Reliability Approach

Gwanjeodong-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon 35365, Republic of Korea Correspondence should be addressed to Kang Su Kim; Received 10 February 2017; Revised 9 May 2017; Accepted 13 June 2017; Published 17

Experimental Study on Reinforced Concrete Column Incased in Prefabricated Permanent Thin-Walled Steel Form

Conventional construction methods of reinforced concrete (RC) structures generally require a long construction period and high costs due to many on-site temporary form works. In this study, a prefabricated permanent thin-walled steel form integrated with reinforcement cage (PPSFRC) was developed, and it makes for a fast-built construction by reducing the temporary form works...

Shear Deformation of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Prestressed Concrete Beams

Kang Su Kim Thomas H.-K. Kang Zuanfeng Pan Steel fiber-reinforced prestressed concrete (SFRPSC) members typically have high shear strength and deformation capability, compared to conventional