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Structural, thermal and photocatalytic properties of composite materials SiO2/TiO2/C

In the study the mechanochemical treatment procedure was used to prepare composite materials based on SiO2 with the addition of TiO2 and carbon black as a carbon matter. The investigations were carried out at the three rotational speeds 300, 500 and 700 rpm. Thermal and structural characteristics of the composites were investigated using N2 adsorption, TG/DTG/DTA, SEM and FT-IR...

Influence of mechanochemical treatment on thermal and structural properties of silica–collagen and hydroxyapatite–collagen composites

The paper presents the results of research on a series of composite materials based on hydroxyapatite, silica gel and collagen as biologically active substances. Their preparation was made using mechanical energy in accordance with the principles of “green chemistry”. Mechanochemical treatment was conducted in a planetary mill with different rotations of milling (200 and 400 rpm...

Structural, thermal and energetic characteristics of synthetic active carbons prepared on the basis of ion-exchange resin Amberlite IRC 84

A series of activated carbons was prepared from the ion-exchange resin (Amberlite IRC-84, Rohm and Haas) differing in Ca2+ content and studied by means of adsorption (N2 adsorption) and thermogravimetric methods. Thermogravimetry was performed in two ways: classical and quasi-isothermal. Preparation processes proceeded in different conditions (temperature and atmosphere). This...