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Low schoolwork engagement and schoolwork difficulties predict smoking in adolescence?

Low academic achievement has been associated with smoking but factors behind this association are poorly known. Such factors could include schoolwork disengagement and schoolwork difficulties. To assess the extent to which they contribute to the explanation of how health inequalities emerge, we study in a longitudinal design whether these have an independent effect on smoking or...

Socioeconomic status and smokingAnalysing inequalities with multiple indicators

Background and aims: Socioeconomic differences in smoking have been well established. While previous studies have mostly relied on one socioeconomic indicator at a time, this study examined socioeconomic differences in smoking by using several indicators that reflect different dimensions of socioeconomic position. Data and methods: Data derive from Helsinki Health Study baseline...


— Aims: Because religiousness, a protective factor for alcohol use, is much more prevalent in rural regions, we examined its importance in explaining the differences in adolescent alcohol use found in the rural and the urban regions. In rural Ostrobothnia (hereafter referred to as the rural region), alcohol use is at the lowest level in all of Finland, whereas in Uusimaa, the...